Category: MF Changelogs

Version 2.6.8


9 new muzzle devices:

  • Fortis Classic, 9mm (all Fortis brakes are available with or without the Control Shield)
  • Fortis RED 5.56
  • Fortis RED 7.62
  • Rex Silentium Gunfighter, .45 ACP
  • Rex Silentium K-Type Compact, .45 ACP
  • Rex Silentium Razor Tactical, 9mm
  • Rex Silentium Tri-Delta, .45 ACP
  • SilencerCo Hybrid46 suppressor, up to .45-70 Gov’t
  • VG6 Precision Gamma, 5.56

1 new weapon:

Rheinmetall Maschinengewehr 3, the modern successor to the infamous MG42. Available in 5.56, .300 Blackout, 6.8 SPC and 7.62x51mm/.308 Winchester. Non-.308 conversions are temporary, until we have proper assets for a CETME Ameli.

2 new animation sets:

Finally, the belt-feds are properly animated! Don’t think I need to say much more than that, other than it’s about Goddamned time, right?

2 new cartridge conversions:

Added in .460 and .960 Rowland ammunition and caliber conversions. .460 is only available for the Vector, but both the Vector and MP5 can be chambered for .960 Rowland. Will be expanded to all other locked-breech handguns and SMGs in either 9mm or .45 ACP at some point next week.

1 new magazine:

Added 50 round magazine for the Vector, in all available calibers.


  • Edited most barrel meshes to remove previously-integral muzzle devices. G36 barrels still need fixing, but all others should work fine.
  • Replaced the old AN/PVS-4 and the old IFF/NV combo optics with a new ATN X-Sight II.
  • Replaced the M249/FN Minimi in leveled lists with the MG3. Existing M249s will still work, however the Maximi conversion kit will be invisible, as it relied on assets that got deleted as part of the M60 replacement.
  • Total replacement and re-animation of the M60 machine gun. Check it out, it’s fucking gorgeous!
  • Replaced the stand-alone Aimpoint CompM3 with a CompM4s, so all of those will need to be re-zeroed.

Version 2.6.7


  • Nothing, for once.


  • Asset replacement for the old IFF optic. Replaced with new Elcan SpectreDR assets. Spectre itself coming soon-ish.
  • Asset replacement for the PMAGs.
  • Asset replacement for the 30 round STANAG mags.
  • Asset replacement for the Glock 17 OEM frame and slide. Replaced with ZRaider’s Glock 17 Gen 4.
  • Asset replacement for the Rainbow Six Siege Desert Eagle. Replaced with Maxim Ilyin’s DE44MB.
  • Asset replacement for the CZ 75 SP01.
  • Weapon replacement for Sako TRG. Replaced by custom Remington 700.
  • Weapon replacement for Arctic Warfare Magnum. Replaced by ORSIS F-17. Gained .308/7.62 NATO conversion.
  • Weapon replacement for DSR-1/DSR-50. Replaced by Desert Tech Stealth Recon Scout A2. Lost .50 BMG conversion for obvious reasons.
  • Sako TRG (Now R700), AWM (Now Osiris F-17), WA2K, and DSR (Now DT SRS) bipods replaced by Sandstorm’s Harris-type bipod. Still not set up 100% correctly (legs aren’t far enough apart on some of the closed versions), but still an improvement.


  • Fixed Object Modification descriptions for the Honey Badger.
  • Fixed purple shotgun shells in AA12 magazines.
  • Fixed purple mount on the Aimpoint CompM5.
  • Fixed iridescent purple Glock 17 ZEV receiver.
  • Fixed missing Glock 17 glow sights.

Feature Removal

  • JackArbiter’s “Button Lowered Weapon” functionality has been removed due to minor but annoying bugs combined with user failure to RTFM on how to fix said bugs when they pop up. If you wish to keep this feature, install JackArbiter’s mod.



  • Added S&W 586 revolver.
  • Added SIG P226 handgun.
  • Added SIG P320 handgun.
  • Added Colt M1911, M1911A1, and M45A1 handguns.
  • Added WIP stun and gas grenades to debug container. Use at own risk, very experimental.
  • Added AAC/Q Honey Badger PDW.
  • Added B.E. Meyers Mawl C-1 visible/IR laser unit (Honey Badger exclusive for now, will be added to other guns later).
  • Added 50 round drum magazine for Glock handguns.
  • Added Crimson Trace laser-grip for Glock handguns.
  • Added Agency Arms and Killer Innovations compensators for Glock handguns.
  • Added CMB Helical “breacher” brake for 12 gauge shotguns.
  • Added Grizzly Gun Works DefCon 1 muzzle brake for 12 gauge shotguns.
  • Added Leapers UTG Combat Ops S1 stock for Kriss Vector and VR80.
  • Added Robocop’s “Auto-9” machine-pistol – can be obtained thru either exchanging a stock 93R at the PvM or from the debug container.
  • Added material swaps to the STI 2011.


  • Asset replacement for SilencerCo Osprey .45K, Rugged Obsidian 45, and SilencerCo Salvo 12 suppressors.
  • Asset replacement for Beretta M93R, also re-animation, and addition of shoulder stock.
  • Asset replacement for Benelli SuperNova shotguns.
  • Total asset replacement for Steyr AUG assault rifle. Temporarily disabled the A2 receiver due to a lack of matching assets.
  • Tube-fed shotguns will now show ammo type (00 Buck, #1 buck, or 1oz. Slug) during reloads. Will expand to non-standard variants soon.
  • Meuller Eraticator scope replaced with Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56mm PMII.
  • VR80’s Strike Industries Viper stock now has a brand-matched Strike Industries buffer tube.
  • Complete re-animation of all tube-fed shotguns, with BCR integration.
  • All non-bullpup bolt-actions now run on CS5 animations.


  • All optics on all guns should now be properly zeroed.
  • Fixed issue with Beretta 92-series animations causing burst-fire guns to go haywire.
  • Hopefully fixed the issue with Leupold MK4 and S&B PM2 scopes swaying like a drunkard on anything other than max zoom even with a deployed bipod.

Version 2.6.5

  • Complete rebuild of the SPAS-12 shotgun, including both semi-auto and pump-action receivers, with fire-mode script integration.
  • Rebuild of all other tube-fed shotguns, including re-animation for the pump-actions, with support for the new Bullet-Counted Reload framework. Just a note, any magazine that holds more than 5 rounds will require you to reload twice to get the full capacity.
  • Complete rebuild and expansion for the Kriss Vector submachine gun. 100% new assets, proper animations, etc.
  • Replaced the old Leupold DeltaPoint Pro optic with the original DeltaPoint, both for the HAMR/Deltapoint stack and the slide-ride version on handguns. Might need to be re-zeroed on some of the pistols.
  • Replaced the old full-size Uzi with newer assets, also added an integrally-suppressed barrel option.
  • Added the IMI Micro Uzi.
  • Tweaked textures for some optics.
  • Tweaked the lens textures/effects for the Leupold HAMR/DeltaPoint stack and EOTech Vudu.
  • Re-animated all the AR-15/AR-10-pattern rifles, using the animations from the F4NV Service Rifle. Sight alignment is borked across the board, they’ll be re-zeroed in a future update. Unfortunately, that means a total loss of foregrip animations for now, but that function will be returning soon.
  • Re-positioned the Beretta pistols so they actually sit properly in the player’s hand.
  • New assets for the MK23 handgun, including a re-work of its’ optics and laser/light attachments. Normal maps on some of the parts need fixing, otherwise, it should be 100% functional.
  • Slight re-work of the FN Five-seveN, namely scaled up slightly (was a bit too small originally) and the optics now use the included mount instead of just clipping into the top of the slide like they used to.
  • The EOTech 512 and variants have been replaced with an EOTech EXPS-3 and G33 magnifier, so all of those need to be re-zeroed.
  • The old TA11H and TA11F ACOGs have been replaced and renamed. The TA11H is now part of an ACOG/RMR stack, with the TA11F now just a plain TA31 ACOG. The current default reticle is the red crosshair but can be swapped for either a .300 Blackout-calibrated chevron, 5.56-calibrated chevron, horseshoe, or cross in amber, green or red depending on the reticle.
  • Added STI 2011 handgun.
  • Added a new light/laser unit for some handguns, a Viridian C5L. Available as either a dual-use laser/light combo, just the laser or just the light depending on what you want.

Version 2.6.4 Final


  • IMI/Magnum Research Desert Eagle, available in .357 and .44 Magnum for now. This is a very rough first-pass implementation, will be expanded drastically as we get new assets in to work with.
  • Added in weapon-specific optics for the following families:
    • ACR
    • Avtomat Kalashnikov (all the AK variants now draw from the same AK-specific optics pool)
    • AR12
    • AR15/AR10 (these are the originals)
    • AR57
    • AR-EU
    • ATG/heavy weapons (anything on minigun animations)
    • AUG
    • AWM
    • Benelli Super Nova Benelli M4/M1014
    • CBJ-MS/Nailgun
    • DSR-1/DSR-50
    • F2000
    • FabArm Martial
    • FAMAS
    • FN FAL
    • G36
    • HK416/417 (again, they share an optics pool)
    • M60
    • M82
    • M98B
    • Minimi/Maximi/M249
    • MP5
    • MP7
    • P90
    • REC-7
    • Saiga-12
    • SCAR-H/L
    • SIG SG-550
    • SPAS-12
    • Tavor
    • TRG
    • T-Series R.O.C AR-15/M16 clones
    • UMP
    • Uzi
    • Vector SMG/carbine
    • WA2000
  • With the exception of the Nightforce ATACR, none of the new optics have been tied into the magnification switch script yet, and almost nothing is gonna be 100% zeroed unless it already was in a previous 2.6 build.


  • Corrected specular maps on the MP5.
  • Added proper .NIFs for the left and right rail-mounted tac-lights.
  • Hopefully fixed the F2000’s rail mounting points being slightly off.
  • Pistols now have proper INNRs/naming rules.
  • Overhauled LL injection. Still a massive WIP, but the changes should help out with any perceived/actual lack of variety.

Version 2.6.3 Final

  • Additions:
  • Replaced our old, crappy Surefire tac-light with a new Surefire M300C
  • Added two new optics – Nightforce ATACR 1/8x LPVO scope, Trijicon MRO red-dot sight.
  • Beretta 92/96-series handguns now run on Fiddler Green’s dedicated Beretta animation set. The exception to that is the 93R, which still uses vanilla Deliverer animations because the new animations also cause issues with our burst-fire script.
  • All Glock handguns now run on ShinyHax’s Glock animation set.
  • Fixes:
  • Finally fixed the “invisible gun” issue with Super Mutants.
  • Initial “let’s see if this actually works” implementation of a fix for the AMD-specific issue of pink-tinted lenses on various optics. Most glass is now slightly blue in tint, though some is more tan/light brown, and the ATACR is actually purple deliberately.
  • Made some minor base-damage tweaks to some of the pistols – in particular, the MK23 is the hardest-hitting .45 ACP pistol we have by a respectable margin, to represent the military-issued load of 185 grain +P ammunition.

Version 2.6.3 Initial

  • Added in compact and full-size Glock handguns. INNRs are TBA because I still can’t quite wrap my head around them, and the caliber conversions need tweaking to get round counts dialed in 100%.
  • Added one new handgun optic – Trijicon RMR. Glock 19-exclusive for now, will be added to the other guns in a near-future update.
  • New assets and a truly massive expansion for the MP5, plus re-animation! We now have every single major variant aside from the carbines, plus several new handguards and a full set of wood furniture. Again, INNRs are a massive WIP because there’s a bloody lot of ’em to make. We also have assets for the K variant(s), but until I have time to check if the K-specific animation set we have permission to use is even functional, the K variant has been effectively disabled and can only be obtained via console command. DO NOT REPORT THAT AS A BUG. If you console in a disabled weapon, you should expect it to be broken.
  • New MP5 animations also applied to the H&K UMP, so both guns now have 100% functional burst-fire operation.
  • Re-rigged the MP7 to Hitman’s CBJ-MS animation set.
  • Restored a missing node on the pump-action shotgun receivers, so the shell saddle should show up properly now.
  • Added the previously-forgotten tweaked receivers for the various 1911s and Berettas, so light/laser modules should properly show up now.

Version 2.6.2 AIO

  • Fixed missing FAL reload audio
  • Added H&K USP Tactical handgun – four caliber options, 9x19mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and 6.5x25mm CBJ.
  • Added Chiappa Rhino – Our first revolver, yay! Available in 9×19, .40 S&W, .357 Magnum and 6.5×25 CBJ.
  • Added .357 Magnum ammo and 6.5x25mm CBJ to leveled lists.
  • Fixed a leveled-list issue that made the AR-10 a lot more common than it has any right to be. AR-15s should start spawning a lot earlier now.
  • Tweaked textures for most of the Sandstorm stuff we’re using, plus the FabArm Martial. Should look a fair bit better now.

Version 2.6.1

  • overhauled toggle script system
  • integrated damage and stagger settings
  • MCM support / settings holotape
  • new weapons: M32, M2, FAL

Version 2.6

Changes since 2.5-1.4:

  • Completely overhauled leveled-list integration. Scripted injection across the board, so no more worry about load order position, merged/bashed patches, etc.
  • Initial implementation of NPC “load-out” templates. NPCs will now spawn with both a primary and a secondary weapon, with limited ammo for their primary. This could be anything from a Raider carrying an M249 SAW and a Benelli M1014 or a Triggerman carrying a Beretta M9A1 and a pipe wrench.
  • New animations for the pump-action shotguns, tube-fed semi-auto shotguns, Uzi, UMP, MP5, MP7 and Steyr AUG. All guns are properly zeroed with at least iron sights and integrated optics where applicable, though some optics will still be mis-aligned. Report these as you find them, please.
  • New assets for the Uzi, UMP, MP7 and MP5.
  • Additional mods for the UMP, Uzi and MP5. The UMP now has full, proper USC carbine furniture, two additional magazine sizes (total six new mags). Uzi has two additional stocks, a railed handguard and two receiver types, with and without optics rail. MP5 has a few new handguards, two new stock options and two “new” receivers.
  • New shotguns! Replaced the old Striker with an AA-12 (with its’ own animation set), our Benelli M3 has been replaced with a Benelli Super Nova Tactical (massive thanks to Ubisoft Montreal for letting us use things from Rainbow Six: Siege!), and the Mossberg 500 has been replaced with a FabArm Martial 14″.
  • We’ve rolled Modern Sidearms into Modern Firearms, so no need to keep MS anymore.
  • 13 NEW HANDGUNS! Five 1911 variants, six Berettas, a CZ 75 and an FN Five-seveN.
  • Our handguns now run on the vanilla Deliverer anims. Meaning, if you have a Deliverer anim replacer, our guns will run on those replacer anims.
  • Fixes and improvements to the 88mm and 40mm payloads. Hopefully this will fix issues with canister shot and the HI.39 (HEAT) 88mm loads killing your system as well as your targets.
  • One entirely new SMG, our own take on the CBJ-MS PDW, aka “the nailgun”. 9mm only for now, but we’ll be adding the proper 6.5x25mm cartridge at some point down the line.
  • New shotgun ammo types. 00 buckshot, #1 buckshot and slugs, all available in basic lead, explosive or incendiary flavors. NPCs can and will spawn with any of them at various levels, so be careful. And God help you if they spawn with #1 explosive buck and a full choke.
  • Added in one new caliber, .357 Magnum. Only used by the Coonan Compact .357 for now, but we have more .357 guns in the works.
  • Split the armor off from the main package. Will be fixed up and uploaded alongside 2.6 Soon™. It will NOT have a dependency on MF. Meaning, it will be standalone, if you just want the armor.
  • The Barrett M98 Bravo has finally returned. Textures are heavy WIP, so don’t be surprised if they look a little odd. Running on CS5 animations, most of the see-through type optics aren’t properly zeroed, though the 1x Docter/8x IFF combo is dead-on.

Changes since 2.6 beta:

  • Even more animation changes for every weapon aside from the KwK, M61 and 20mm ATG. Any rifle with a rock-and-lock magazine uses the AN94 reload animation, most assault rifles have been fully swapped to either the AN94 or AK5C sets. Bullpups (aside from the WA2000) now run on FAMAS animations. Belt-feds use the AK5C’s “curly mag” reload as a temporary placeholder until proper animations can be made. Note that a lot of optics will be misaligned as a result of this. For now just try to deal with it, we’ll be addressing that in 2.7 and 2.8 once we get the new hot-swap scripts implemented. Decided it’d be better to retain the scripted funtions at the cost of alignment rather than gaining alignment at the cost of scripted functions for now. Also, making weapon-specific versions of each and every single optic that needs to be re-aligned, then zeroing each of them individually would take at least two weeks because of how Goddamn difficult ZoomData editing is.
  • Added .380 ACP conversions for the MP5, UMP and Vector. Weak as hell, but they make up for that by being common and cheap. Even .380 is terrifying at 1,200+ RPM.
  • Temporarily removed the M14, will be replaced soon-ish with better assets and proper animations, most likely starting with the EBR variant.
  • Added pistol components to the vending machine, under the Brownell’s shop section.
  • New gunshot audio for everything except the .50 BMG, 20mm and 88mm, all courtesy of New World Interactive, taken from Insurgency. Some new reload audio as well, so keep an ear out.
  • Added .40 S&W conversions for the Beretta 92-series handguns. Still need to build new INNRs for the new sidearms, but eh.
  • Slightly re-worked the 1911 barrels. Now have both threaded and non-threaded 10mm Auto and .45 ACP barrels that should attach to any 1911 other than the Coonan. Will be adding 9×19 and .40 S&W conversions once we get proper SFX for them.