(Optional): Bullet Counted Reload – If you want proper, New Vegas-style reloads for tube-fed shotguns, then BCR is mandatory. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with vanilla reloads. “Vanilla reloads” meaning, with the current shotgun animations, you’ll reload 5 shells even if you only shot 1. BCR fixes this.
(Optional): Mod Configuration Menu – Modern Firearms now includes MCM support. Within the MCM Menu, there are options to tweak global (outgoing & incoming) damage, toggle stagger on/off, bind keys to the weapon functions, and access the debug container.


  • SIG Sauer MCX Virtus
  • Noveske KX3 “flash can”
  • PWS CQB muzzle brake
  • Vertical foregrip support for MCX, ACR and Honey Badger
  • AFG support for FN SCAR-H and SCAR-L
  • Magpul D-60 drum magazine for compatible weapons
  • Beginning stages of weapon and caliber-specific audio implementation, including custom tails for unsuppressed rifle and shotgun
  • New spent casings for 5.56 (replaces vanilla), .300 Blackout, .338 Lapua, .460 Rowland, .960 Rowland and 5.7×28.


  • Magpul ACR -> Remington ACR
  • Beretta 92/96-series handguns
  • Replaced most old rifle suppressors with new kit
  • Replaced Docter and Burris FastFire optics
  • Replaced the broken Smith & Wesson R8 with a Manurhin MR73 (still WIP, but at least won’t crash the fucking game)


  • AR-57
  • Barrett REC-7
  • Walther WA2000
  • FN Minimi/M249
  • SIG 550 series ACR-pattern stocks


  • Confirmed zero on ALL optics
  • Fixed/complete tube-fed shotgun animations, with proper BCR support
  • Condensed a few animation subgraphs, regenerated AnimTextData
  • Re-converted the M45A1 and MP7.
  • Fixed smoothing/normal issues, updated textures Tweaked color of most see-through optics lenses. Still fine-tuning though
  • Added proper loose mods for literally everything.

Previous Changelogs

  • Shotgun animations are still janky. I honestly just haven’t had the energy to get started on that front.
  • Optics may still be mis-aligned, especially things that got replaced. Need y’all to help with that, see previous pins for the spreadsheet and tools to use.
  • Lots of missing MiscMods, again some help from y’all on that front would be awesome.
  • The synthetic magazine for the 5.56 AKs is purple. It was accidentally skipped over when replacing old PMAG assets. Will be fixed soon.
  • The window in the new PMAG assets looks odd. Will be fixed soon.
  • If you run See-through Scopes, make sure you have the F4NV service rifle patch manually selected during StS install, or the ARs will be broken. Not our fault, it’s something StS did to the animations, by the author’s own admission. This will be fixed permanently within MF itself Soon­™.
  • If using BCR, any magazine tube on shotguns that holds more than 5 shells will require you to reload twice to get the full capacity. This is an issue with the animation we are using. No ETA on when it will be fixed.
  • If not using BCR, the reload animation of any tube-fed shotgun will always show you “reloading” 5 shells, even if only one was fired and regardless of the magazine tube capacity. This is a vanilla game issue. It cannot be fixed without using a mod like BCR.
  • Tube-fed shotguns do not work properly in power armor. Animations are incomplete, no ETA on when they’ll be finished.
  • First-person ADS animations on the shotguns are jank. This is an issue with the animation itself, no ETA on when it will be fixed.
  • Steyr AUG Instance Naming Ruleset (INNRs) needs to be re-worked.
  • The Smith & Wesson R8 is invisible. The .NIF for it corrupted itself so that loading it in-game caused an instant CTD. We are still trying to fix it.
  • Sights on some handguns are aligned but low. Unsure how to fix.
  • The M14 is effectively disabled and can only be obtained via console command, pending better assets and a complete overhaul. DO NOT REPORT THE M14 AS A BUG. If you console in a disabled weapon, you should expect it to be broken.
  • The MP5K is effectively disabled and can only be obtained via console command, pending proper animations. DO NOT REPORT THE MP5K AS A BUG. If you console in a disabled weapon, you should expect it to be broken.

Download Archive


From 2.5 Beta-1 to 2.5-1.4:

  • A lot of improper animations, most of which will be fixed in the next version. Necessary anims literally didn’t exist at the time of implementation. E.g Shotguns.
  • Red-dot/See-through type optics severely misaligned on certain guns. E.g The Uzi and some snipers. This will likely always be WIP, but many will be fixed over time.
  • Some of the scripted modifications (e.g the new suppressors) will take a moment or two to actually cycle. That’s due to how the hot-swap scripts work in this build. This will be remedied in the next version.
  • Limb Armor (Arms and Legs) camos showing as missing/pink/purple textures. Only the base colors work for the Limb Armors. DTO Vest, all 3 Holsters, and the BDU camos should work fine though, with the exception of the DTO Vest CADPAT Arid not working.
  • For the AK family of rifles, the KAC and Magpul handguards sit way too low. We’ll be removing them in a future update (possibly) or updating them with newer, better assets.
  • Stealth BDU Hood being pink/purple. That specific BDU is marked as [WIP] for a reason.
  • BDU Cap fits too small, causing clipping of hair, etc, regardless of modded or vanilla hairstyles.

Modern Sidearms IS COMPATIBLE with this version of the mod. They work flawlessly together. Be sure to load MS after MF. Aka, load MS under MF.