Patch Policy

If you want to start to make or finish a patch for MF/MA, be it for compatibility or to change things inside MF/MA, you are free to publish it. But to save us from false bug reports, that your patch may have likely created, PLEASE FOLLOW THIS SIMPLE POLICY:

  1. Let us know what mod you’re patching for. As more patches get made, we’ll be starting a list of “known good” patches, but it’s hard to do that if we don’t know what exists.
  2. Make sure you’re building your patch for the latest build.
  3. Let us look over the patch before you publish, so we can help find issues that you might have missed.
  4. Take responsibility for keeping the patch updated. It is not our job to track what patches are updated for which build, nor is it our job to maintain them for newer builds.
  5. DO NOT EVER build your patch as a plugin replacer. If you don’t know how to make edits in a new plugin with the mod you’re editing as a master, you probably shouldn’t be making patches to begin with.

Follow this patch policy and you’ll have no issues with us. We cannot possibly properly explain how much it irks us when people make patches following none of this, and then we get bombarded with bug reports for something that is not our responsibility, and that we had no idea even existed until that point.