• Added S&W 586 revolver.
  • Added SIG P226 handgun.
  • Added SIG P320 handgun.
  • Added Colt M1911, M1911A1, and M45A1 handguns.
  • Added WIP stun and gas grenades to debug container. Use at own risk, very experimental.
  • Added AAC/Q Honey Badger PDW.
  • Added B.E. Meyers Mawl C-1 visible/IR laser unit (Honey Badger exclusive for now, will be added to other guns later).
  • Added 50 round drum magazine for Glock handguns.
  • Added Crimson Trace laser-grip for Glock handguns.
  • Added Agency Arms and Killer Innovations compensators for Glock handguns.
  • Added CMB Helical “breacher” brake for 12 gauge shotguns.
  • Added Grizzly Gun Works DefCon 1 muzzle brake for 12 gauge shotguns.
  • Added Leapers UTG Combat Ops S1 stock for Kriss Vector and VR80.
  • Added Robocop’s “Auto-9” machine-pistol – can be obtained thru either exchanging a stock 93R at the PvM or from the debug container.
  • Added material swaps to the STI 2011.


  • Asset replacement for SilencerCo Osprey .45K, Rugged Obsidian 45, and SilencerCo Salvo 12 suppressors.
  • Asset replacement for Beretta M93R, also re-animation, and addition of shoulder stock.
  • Asset replacement for Benelli SuperNova shotguns.
  • Total asset replacement for Steyr AUG assault rifle. Temporarily disabled the A2 receiver due to a lack of matching assets.
  • Tube-fed shotguns will now show ammo type (00 Buck, #1 buck, or 1oz. Slug) during reloads. Will expand to non-standard variants soon.
  • Meuller Eraticator scope replaced with Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56mm PMII.
  • VR80’s Strike Industries Viper stock now has a brand-matched Strike Industries buffer tube.
  • Complete re-animation of all tube-fed shotguns, with BCR integration.
  • All non-bullpup bolt-actions now run on CS5 animations.


  • All optics on all guns should now be properly zeroed.
  • Fixed issue with Beretta 92-series animations causing burst-fire guns to go haywire.
  • Hopefully fixed the issue with Leupold MK4 and S&B PM2 scopes swaying like a drunkard on anything other than max zoom even with a deployed bipod.