About the mod

Modern Firearms introduces a wide variety of real world weapons from around the world to the game. This includes everything from handguns to cannons, from .22LR to 20mm in a complete package of guns to add more flavor to your Fallout 4 experience. 

There are several well known types of lead throwers including icons such as the Colt 1911, Desert Eagle, AA12, Kriss Vector, H&K MP5, Remington 700, M79, and M134 among others.

All of these are completely customizable at a workbench and allow you to create variants that are tailored to your playstyle and needs, from shredding enemies in CQB, to reaching out at range with DMRs.

However, It is our belief that you shouldn’t be able to assemble a mil spec weapon from nothing but Wonderglue, some screws, and a teddy bear. As such, customisation is NOT possible with only vanilla game components; you’ll have to acquire parts either from looting enemies, scrapping weapons, or purchasing them.

These modification options include everything from scopes to underbarrel attachments, which can be toggled on the fly via hotkeys, allowing for more dynamic gameplay.

Another key point that we feel strongly about is conveying the damage these weapons can do; being shot should hurt a lot, and getting shot repeatedly should stop the pain altogether. While perks will increase player damage output, we have tried to be as realistic as possible with how hard these weapons hit, and that is regardless of who is behind the trigger.

You are encouraged to pick your battles carefully as firefights are now quick and lethal to everyone involved, and full leveled list integration means more powerful tools of war to come across the longer you survive. Remember, this also applies to the explosive variety of weapons included in the mod.

If this proves to be too much for your liking, we have Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) support that includes a damage reduction slider to bring it down to more vanilla levels. We hope that you enjoy this mod to its fullest, and know that we are constantly working on improving and expanding the arsenal within.

Thank you for the support, and go leave a mark on the Commonwealth!

Oh, almost forgot. If you hear a loud BOOM like a tank cannon, it’s because it IS a tank cannon.
If you get hit by it you will die because, well, it’s a tank cannon.
Yes, we added a 88mm tank cannon.
No, it’s not balanced.
Yes, we may be slightly insane.
Have fun with the Kwk 36!