Tangent24’s Workshop

Tangent is an active user in our Discord. He has made many mods to accompany MF, create compatibility between MF and other mods via patches, and even a mod or two that changes some of MF’s functionalities. Below are a couple of his notable mods.

MF Mag Mod

You use magazines of ammo rather than loose rounds like normal. (A great mod for Survival players using MF, to make it just that little bit tougher.😉)

MF Dealer

Places a custom vendor/shop near Diamond City that exclusively deals in MF Weapons, giving you an easier way to get that one MF gun you want, without relying on RNGesus or having to “cheat” a specific weapon in.

Tangent has also been doing some work that will be added to MF & MA in the future. Such as settlement defense turrets using MF weapons, new weapon models, animation changes, and some armor pieces.

Tangent often posts WIP pictures of his standalone work in the #fallout-mods channel of our Discord. Most of what he works on that will make it into MF/MA, he tries to post in the #work-in-progress channel of our Discord. He also does not mind being @ mentioned in the #fallout-mods channel if you have questions or issues with his mods.

You can find all of Tangent’s mods on his Nexus profile, here: Tangent24