What’s the newest mod version?

PC: The latest version on PC is 2.6.9. You can find that here named Modern Firearms 2.6.9 Downloads

Xbox: The latest version on Xbox is [XB1] Modern Firearms V2.5-1.4 (Temporary) 2.6.x has not released for Xbox yet but will release “Soon™”. We have some bugs to squash on PC first before considering an Xbox upload. There is no ETA/date.

Basic rule of thumb: If there are multiple versions of a mod, go with whatever one has the latest/highest version number or has the most recent “Uploaded/Created” date. It most commonly means it is the best/latest version. And NEVER install more than one version. Yes Xbox users, we mean you. More than a few of you have asked if you need to install multiple versions. NO! You don’t.

Do MF & MA require any DLCs or mods?

No. MF and MA do not, and will never, require any DLCs or mods to install. MF does have some soft dependencies on F4SE, MCM, and BCR for a few features, however, they are not required for the mod to function properly.

The soft dependencies are as follows:
MCM Menu – F4SE + MCM. Note: The features in the MCM Menu are available by other means or mods. Eg: Settings Holotape for damage adjust, stagger toggle, & debug container access, and aid items for weapon function toggles. A hotkey mod like FO4 Hotkeys can be used in place of MCM’s hotkey feature, for hotkey-ing the weapon function toggles.
Bullet Counted Reloads (tube-fed shotguns) – F4SE + BCR System. Note: Without BCR, the shotgun anim will “reload” 5 shells every time you reload. Shotguns whose mag-tubes exceed 5 shells will need to be reloaded twice to fully refill the mag-tube.

Do I still need Modern Sidearms?

No. As of update 2.6, Modern Sidearms has been merged into MF. Attempting to run MS alongside 2.6 or later updates will result in issues and potential crashes. We no longer support MS as standalone. Should you manage to find MS somewhere and install it, any issues you encounter using MS alongside 2.6 or any future updates are null and void, so please do not report them.

Can I make a patch for MF/MA?

Yes. However, we have a Patch Policy that we STRONGLY REQUEST you to follow. You can find that here: Patch Policy

The updated date changed on BethNet! Did you update the mod?

No. The date changed due to either:

  1. It being taken down by erroneous reports & restored.
  2. The mod description or Version Log was changed/updated.

Iterative updates are more difficult to dish out to Xbox, so once a build is uploaded and stable on Xbox, we don’t push any further updates until the next big update/release of the mod is ready.

Will you guys ever host MF on the Nexus again?

Yes. We have plans to host Modern Firearms on the Nexus once we have more existing assets replaced with newer, better stuff. Absolute earliest estimated is once 2.8 is done and stable. This is subject to change.

When you bring Modern Firearms back to the Nexus, will you be opting-in to the new ‘Donation Points’ system?


Do you accept donations and if so, where can I donate?

Yes. We have verified that we can legally accept donations. You can find information on how to donate to us here – Support Us

Note: Donations are entirely voluntary. We do not expect to get donations, but we appreciate any that we do get. The mod will always remain free and will NEVER be paywalled.

Is there a list for all of the weapons in the mod?

Yes. We have a full list of the weapons that are in MF. You can find that here: Weapons List

Will MCM support be coming to MF?

Yes! MCM support is now in MF. It is an optional feature, so no worries to our non-F4SE users. There is also a Settings Holotape for all of the same options available in the MCM Menu, excluding the Hotkeys Feature.

Why am I only finding X, Y & Z weapons and nothing else? Do I have an LL conflict?

No. The Leveled Lists are heavily WIP right now. Our Leveled Lists are script-injected, so there is no concern for LL conflicts with other mods. MF contains 80+ weapons, so balancing LLs and getting a good variety of weapons to appear consistently without repeating the same weapon over and over is difficult. Rest assured, as time goes on, the LLs should hopefully improve. “Script-injected LLs are harder than we anticipated.” – Lead Developer

I can’t find the weapons at Vendors/Traders.

When we overhauled the Leveled Lists, we also overhauled who sells and deals in MF weapons. You should be able to find MF weapons at the following Vendors/Traders:

  • Cricket (Traveling Trader)
  • Trudy (Drumlin Diner south of Concord)
  • Arturo (Diamond City Surplus)
  • K-L-EO (Kill or Be Killed in Goodneighbor)
  • Proctor Teagan (BoS Quartermaster)

It is not impossible that a Trader not listed above may have a couple MF weapons, but it is certainly not guaranteed.

If you continue having issues finding weapons at Vendors/Traders, or you simply want a guaranteed place to buy the weapons at, please consider installing Tangent24’s Modern Firearms Dealer mod.

Where do I find more parts to mod the guns?

You can remove attachments from other weapons to attach to your weapon, get parts to modify the guns via scrapping other guns, grab parts from the debug container though the MCM Menu or Settings Holotape, or build one of our custom vending machines in your favorite settlement in the Workbench section, then buy what you need from the built-in shops with Pre-War Money.

Why are all the guns so OP? It makes the game unbalanced!

The weapons have such high damage because the aim of this mod is to bring realistic weapons into the world of Fallout. Along with realistic weapons, comes realistic damage.

If the damage is too much, please consider using the MCM Menu or Settings Holotape, both introduced in 2.6.1, to reduce the damage to a level you feel comfortable with.

If you are an Xbox user on 2.4 or 2.5-1.4, a search on BethNet should get results for Xbox damage patches from Dukman for 2.5-x.x & from Wolfdie for 2.4 & under.

I get an error sound/error message about duplicates when using the scripts.

You have more than one of the same weapon in your inventory when trying to use the toggle scripts. E.g: You have 2 AR-15’s in your inventory. This a game engine limitation that we cannot fix.

To get around the issue, build the Prototype Vending Machine at a settlement & “buy” a [MF Custom] version of the weapon(s) you use. These MF Custom weapons have a different base FormID from the normal MF weapons you loot, and therefore won’t conflict with them when using the scripts. You also cannot have 2 of the same MF Custom weapons (E.g. 2 MF Custom AR-15’s), though. They will conflict the same way.

Why do Super Mutants have weapon parts instead of guns when I kill them?

That’s because Super Mutants can only use guns that are rigged to one of maybe five vanilla animation sets, and we didn’t want to deal with vanilla-rigged receivers getting into players’ hands and generating largely bogus bug reports.

If it breaks your immersion, try thinking of it this way: When you kill the Super Mutant, they become so enraged that a “puny little human” beat them, so they clench their fists in anger, destroying the guns and leaving only parts of the weapon behind.

My weapon has no magazine. Why can’t I change it?

There are a couple of reasons for this:

A: It’s a game engine bug that we can’t help. There is thankfully a workaround. If at any point in the weapon modding process, you have categories disappear, back out of the bench then equip your half-weapon & re-enter the bench. The missing categories should magically reappear. If they don’t, drop or scrap any others in your inventory and then try again.

B: You have an outdated patch installed that is affecting the weapon and its modifications. Find and remove the troublesome patch.

If it is still not working after trying the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, then do let us know via our Discord and we’ll take a look.

Why does my weapon not have a firing sound?

There are a couple reasons for this:

A: The weapon somehow spawned without a Caliber Conversion Kit (CCK) applied. Go to a Weapon Workbench and try changing the Caliber. You can use the vending machine and Pre-War Money to buy parts if you need to. If a CCK slot is not appearing, be sure to equip the affected weapon, or remove any others from your inventory, and then check the workbench again.

B: It is most likely being caused by an outdated or incompatible patch. Find and remove the troublesome patch.

If it is still not working after trying the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, then do let us know via our Discord and we’ll take a look.

I think your mod broke my movement speed?

Some weapons will make you move slower while equipped to simulate their weight. E.g: The KwK 36 tank cannon will slow you down if you are not in Power Armor.

If you have a bipod equipped and aim, the bipod will greatly stabilize your weapon, just as it would in real life, but only if you’re prone/crouched and/or are “mounted” on a surface. To simulate that, the bipod reduces your movement speed down to 10%. However, the game engine occasionally will lag out & the speed reduction will still apply for a few seconds after you drop out of ADS. You can either wait it out for a few seconds or if you need to get up to speed right-the-hell-now, start sprinting. Activating one of the scripted functions or just bashing whatever’s in front of you will work too.

Why is the ammo so heavy in Survival?

Since we built the mod to be as realistic as possible, we use real-world data. All of the in-game ammo weights, with the exception of the 88mm shells, are accurate to within a few grains. So yes, a single round of 20x102mm really is that damn heavy & if you think the 88mm stuff is too heavy, be glad ‘Sheep overruled us there. They were originally 10 lbs heavier per round. If it bugs you, either ask someone to make a patch or just don’t play on Survival.

Can you please use/add X animation?

Maybe. We have pretty much any animation we’ll need for the time being. However, we can’t keep up-to-date on new releases, so if you see an animation we might be able to use, a heads-up would be great. You can let us know on our Discord in the #questions-and-answers channel.

Can you add X gun or armor, please?

If we can find and/or afford legal assets for it, then maybe. With a few exceptions, around the year 1950 is our cut-off point for “modern”.

If you have any weapon/armor suggestions, feel free to ask about them in our Discord in the #questions-and-answers channel. However, odds are we already have plans to add it.

Can you split the mod into different mods for the different gun types/platforms?

No. Because of the way the mod is set up & how many universal parts the weapons share between each other, it is virtually impossible to break the mod up into different mods for each respective weapon platform. We will not do it.

Can you split the armor off into its own mod?

We’ve actually already done this! You can find the armor package here, named Modern ArmorsDownloads

Note: The armor package is heavily WIP. Updates to the armor package will be slow going as armor/clothing is much harder to do than weapons are, and we only have one team member currently working on it. The armor package currently is just the armors from 2.5-1.4 split off into its own mod. It does not require MF. It is entirely standalone.

Note 2: If you would like to help us out with armor, head over to our Discord and ask us about it in the #questions-and-answers channel.

Can you please make a compatibility patch for X mod & MF?

No. We have too much work on our hands as it is updating and maintaining MF/MA. If you’d like to see a compatibility patch made between X mod and MF/MA, please contact the Mod Author of the mod and ask if they can make a compatibility patch. Or, you can make a patch yourself, if you know how to.

If you choose to make a patch and plan to publish it publicly, we STRONGLY REQUEST that you follow our Patch Policy.

Is there a way to make the models appear on your back/hip like in FO3/FNV?

Sort of. The only mod we are aware of that does this without needing patches or any additional modding, is Working Visible Weapons on the Nexus.

Unfortunately for Xbox users, there is no mod that we are aware of that accomplishes this. The above-linked mod is available on PC only, as it requires Fallout 4 Script Extender and Mod Configuration Menu.

The camos aren’t working on some armor/clothing. Did I install the mod wrong?

No. It’s a well-known issue that we are slowly working on fixing, but it is a painstakingly slow and tedious process.

Limb Armor (Arms and Legs) camos showing as missing/pink/purple textures is an issue within the mod itself. Not user error. Only the base colors work for the Limb Armors currently.

DTO Vest, all 3 Holsters, and the BDU camos should work fine though with the exception of the DTO Vest CADPAT Arid not working.

Will you support Fallout 4 VR?

No. None of the Devs have the money or equipment to test it.

Even if we had the equipment/could afford the equipment, we still wouldn’t support it because it would be a lot of time and resources we do not have.

We have no interest in supporting VR at any point.

Will you port MF to Fallout 76 if it gets mod support?

NO. As things currently are, it appears Fallout 76 will never receive mod support. IF Fallout 76 ever does receive mod support, we will not support it.

The full answer/reason from the Lead Dev of the MF Team is far too vehement and expletive-laden to be even remotely appropriate.

This mod sucks! It’s so big, there’s so many bugs, the textures are crappy, all the animations are broken, and just f*** you!

We’re sorry that you feel that way. However, you must realize that with a mod this large, there is bound to be a ton of bugs that are easily missed in a mass amount of code and files. No matter how amazing of a modder you are, you will miss things.

Re: Mod/File Size. The mod size is actually incredibly small for all of the content we have. If you think 1-2 GBs is big and you still want us to add high-res textures? Then you have no true grasp on the concept of “big”. Additionally, a decent chunk of space is eaten up by animations too. The ‘AnimTextData’ alone weighs in around 240 MBs. That is ONE FIFTH (1/5) OF THE FILE SIZE alone. Such is the cost of having entirely custom anims or anims decent enough to fit the guns until dedicated anims come along. And that will only continue to grow larger.

Re: Animations. These will probably always need improvement in some aspect, simply due to the sheer variety of content in the mod. So unless you know of an existing animation set from another Fallout 4 mod that we might be able to use for a given weapon, please don’t bother complaining. We know some things are weird, “broken”, or flat-out wrong, but it’s what we have to work with for now. Additionally, there are very few animators in the community right now. We have reached out to all of them for help with rigging anims, but so far, all of them (Aside from Fiddler Green) have declined to help us directly as they’re busy with other projects. Thankfully, a few users of the mod have stepped up and are helping us out anim-wise. But we still have perms from some of the bigger names in the field to use their work. Not to mention, at the time of implementation of certain weapons (i.e shotguns), proper anims literally didn’t exist.

Re: Texture quality & size. Again, something that will likely always need improvement simply due to how much stuff is in the mod. Not everything can be super-fancy 4K res, hyper-realistic detail, especially not if you want to keep file size anywhere close to reasonable. Just as an example, our new MP5A2 has 4K textures – specifically 4096×2048 resolution. Just for that one gun, textures alone account for nearly 20 megabytes of space. Now double that for the MP5A5, that’s 40 megabytes of space. Factor in all of the accessories (the MP5 SD barrel and mounting rails) and we’re looking at roughly 62 megabytes of space for two guns worth of texture sets. And the recently re-added M2HB accounted for that much by itself before being resized to 2K res from the original 4K. We keep textures low quality (2K, 1K, and even sometimes 512) to keep the mod size down. We do this not only to support Xbox One, but also because we realize some users have data caps on their internet, and downloading a 10 or 20 Gigabyte mod would not be possible for them.

As with all large and good things, as time progresses, things will get better. 2.6 is already a massive leap forward in quality, with improved meshes, textures, anims, sounds, etc. We hope you rethink your opinion of our mod and stick around for future updates as the mod can only get better.

Why did an update for 2.5 on Xbox take so long?

There are two reasons.

  1. The size of the mod was too big and we didn’t know how to shrink it until recently.
  2. We could not legally access ‘Sheep’s account to make an update and at the time, none of the Team wanted to bother with the CK.

Can you make MF for PS4?

No. It’s been 4 years now. You should already know the answer to this, but we’ll explain it again. Sony does not allow external assets to be used in the modding of Fallout 4 on PS4. Modern Firearms is nothing but external assets. Therefore, Modern Firearms cannot, and will never, be ported to PS4. It is literally impossible. Be angry at Sony, not us.

If you have tried everything above, contact us and we will try to help you. And if it is still not working, then do let us know via our Discord and we’ll take a look.