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What’s the newest mod version?

PC: The latest version on PC is 2.6.9. You can find that here named Modern Firearms 2.6.9 Downloads

Xbox: The latest version on Xbox is [XB1] Modern Firearms V2.5-1.4 (Temporary) 2.6.x has not released for Xbox yet but will release “Soon™”. We have some bugs to squash on PC first before considering an Xbox upload. There is no ETA/date.

Basic rule of thumb: If there are multiple versions of a mod, go with whatever one has the latest/highest version number or has the most recent “Uploaded/Created” date. It most commonly means it is the best/latest version. And NEVER install more than one version. Yes Xbox users, we mean you. More than a few of you have asked if you need to install multiple versions. NO! You don’t.

Do MF & MA require any DLCs or mods?

No. MF and MA do not, and will never, require any DLCs or mods to install. MF does have some soft dependencies on F4SE, MCM, and BCR for a few features, however, they are not required for the mod to function properly.

The soft dependencies are as follows:
MCM Menu – F4SE + MCM. Note: The features in the MCM Menu are available by other means or mods. Eg: Settings Holotape for damage adjust, stagger toggle, & debug container access, and aid items for weapon function toggles. A hotkey mod like FO4 Hotkeys can be used in place of MCM’s hotkey feature, for hotkey-ing the weapon function toggles.
Bullet Counted Reloads (tube-fed shotguns) – F4SE + BCR System. Note: Without BCR, the shotgun anim will “reload” 5 shells every time you reload. Shotguns whose mag-tubes exceed 5 shells will need to be reloaded twice to fully refill the mag-tube.

Do I still need Modern Sidearms?

No. As of update 2.6, Modern Sidearms has been merged into MF. Attempting to run MS alongside 2.6 or later updates will result in issues and potential crashes. We no longer support MS as standalone. Should you manage to find MS somewhere and install it, any issues you encounter using MS alongside 2.6 or any future updates are null and void, so please do not report them.

Will you guys ever host MF on the Nexus again?

Yes. We have plans to host Modern Firearms on the Nexus once we have more existing assets replaced with newer, better stuff. Absolute earliest estimated is once 2.8 is done and stable. This is subject to change.

Will MCM support be coming to MF?

Yes! MCM support is now in MF. It is an optional feature, so no worries to our non-F4SE users. There is also a Settings Holotape for all of the same options available in the MCM Menu, excluding the Hotkeys Feature.

Why am I only finding X, Y & Z weapons and nothing else? Do I have an LL conflict?

No. The Leveled Lists are heavily WIP right now. Our Leveled Lists are script-injected, so there is no concern for LL conflicts with other mods. MF contains 80+ weapons, so balancing LLs and getting a good variety of weapons to appear consistently without repeating the same weapon over and over is difficult. Rest assured, as time goes on, the LLs should hopefully improve. “Script-injected LLs are harder than we anticipated.” – Lead Developer

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