Do MF & MA require any DLCs or mods?

No. MF and MA do not, and will never, require any DLCs or mods to install. MF does have some soft dependencies on F4SE, MCM, and BCR for a few features, however, they are not required for the mod to function properly.

The soft dependencies are as follows:
MCM Menu – F4SE + MCM. Note: The features in the MCM Menu are available by other means or mods. Eg: Settings Holotape for damage adjust, stagger toggle, & debug container access, and aid items for weapon function toggles. A hotkey mod like FO4 Hotkeys can be used in place of MCM’s hotkey feature, for hotkey-ing the weapon function toggles.
Bullet Counted Reloads (tube-fed shotguns) – F4SE + BCR System. Note: Without BCR, the shotgun anim will “reload” 5 shells every time you reload. Shotguns whose mag-tubes exceed 5 shells will need to be reloaded twice to fully refill the mag-tube.