This mod sucks! It’s so big, there’s so many bugs, the textures are crappy, all the animations are broken, and just f*** you!

We’re sorry that you feel that way. However, you must realize that with a mod this large, there is bound to be a ton of bugs that are easily missed in a mass amount of code and files. No matter how amazing of a modder you are, you will miss things.

Re: Mod/File Size. The mod size is actually incredibly small for all of the content we have. If you think 1-2 GBs is big and you still want us to add high-res textures? Then you have no true grasp on the concept of “big”. Additionally, a decent chunk of space is eaten up by animations too. The ‘AnimTextData’ alone weighs in around 240 MBs. That is ONE FIFTH (1/5) OF THE FILE SIZE alone. Such is the cost of having entirely custom anims or anims decent enough to fit the guns until dedicated anims come along. And that will only continue to grow larger.

Re: Animations. These will probably always need improvement in some aspect, simply due to the sheer variety of content in the mod. So unless you know of an existing animation set from another Fallout 4 mod that we might be able to use for a given weapon, please don’t bother complaining. We know some things are weird, “broken”, or flat-out wrong, but it’s what we have to work with for now. Additionally, there are very few animators in the community right now. We have reached out to all of them for help with rigging anims, but so far, all of them (Aside from Fiddler Green) have declined to help us directly as they’re busy with other projects. Thankfully, a few users of the mod have stepped up and are helping us out anim-wise. But we still have perms from some of the bigger names in the field to use their work. Not to mention, at the time of implementation of certain weapons (i.e shotguns), proper anims literally didn’t exist.

Re: Texture quality & size. Again, something that will likely always need improvement simply due to how much stuff is in the mod. Not everything can be super-fancy 4K res, hyper-realistic detail, especially not if you want to keep file size anywhere close to reasonable. Just as an example, our new MP5A2 has 4K textures – specifically 4096×2048 resolution. Just for that one gun, textures alone account for nearly 20 megabytes of space. Now double that for the MP5A5, that’s 40 megabytes of space. Factor in all of the accessories (the MP5 SD barrel and mounting rails) and we’re looking at roughly 62 megabytes of space for two guns worth of texture sets. And the recently re-added M2HB accounted for that much by itself before being resized to 2K res from the original 4K. We keep textures low quality (2K, 1K, and even sometimes 512) to keep the mod size down. We do this not only to support Xbox One, but also because we realize some users have data caps on their internet, and downloading a 10 or 20 Gigabyte mod would not be possible for them.

As with all large and good things, as time progresses, things will get better. 2.6 is already a massive leap forward in quality, with improved meshes, textures, anims, sounds, etc. We hope you rethink your opinion of our mod and stick around for future updates as the mod can only get better.