Month: May 2020

New update! 2.6.5 Initial is out.

Apologies for the lack of posts, we’ll try our best to keep the website’s front page updated.

Anyways… Whiskey has released a rough version of 2.6.5 for testing. Head on over to Downloads and grab it! Please read the Changelog and Known Issues & Notes drop downs on the Downloads page so you have the info on what changed and what to be aware of!

Be sure to report any bugs you find in the #mf-beta-testing channel on our Discord so we can iron them out.

Version 2.6.4 Final


  • IMI/Magnum Research Desert Eagle, available in .357 and .44 Magnum for now. This is a very rough first-pass implementation, will be expanded drastically as we get new assets in to work with.
  • Added in weapon-specific optics for the following families:
    • ACR
    • Avtomat Kalashnikov (all the AK variants now draw from the same AK-specific optics pool)
    • AR12
    • AR15/AR10 (these are the originals)
    • AR57
    • AR-EU
    • ATG/heavy weapons (anything on minigun animations)
    • AUG
    • AWM
    • Benelli Super Nova Benelli M4/M1014
    • CBJ-MS/Nailgun
    • DSR-1/DSR-50
    • F2000
    • FabArm Martial
    • FAMAS
    • FN FAL
    • G36
    • HK416/417 (again, they share an optics pool)
    • M60
    • M82
    • M98B
    • Minimi/Maximi/M249
    • MP5
    • MP7
    • P90
    • REC-7
    • Saiga-12
    • SCAR-H/L
    • SIG SG-550
    • SPAS-12
    • Tavor
    • TRG
    • T-Series R.O.C AR-15/M16 clones
    • UMP
    • Uzi
    • Vector SMG/carbine
    • WA2000
  • With the exception of the Nightforce ATACR, none of the new optics have been tied into the magnification switch script yet, and almost nothing is gonna be 100% zeroed unless it already was in a previous 2.6 build.


  • Corrected specular maps on the MP5.
  • Added proper .NIFs for the left and right rail-mounted tac-lights.
  • Hopefully fixed the F2000’s rail mounting points being slightly off.
  • Pistols now have proper INNRs/naming rules.
  • Overhauled LL injection. Still a massive WIP, but the changes should help out with any perceived/actual lack of variety.