About Us

Our team started out of a sad happening on the Nexus. As you might know Modern Firearms, was shut down because of some textures and models that were ripped from another game. Not by Idlesheep our general, but there were some faulty under the materials that were sent to him.

We all know, that using that is against the rules of the Nexus and so it was their right to shut down Modern Firearms and we accepted that and never offended the Nexusstaff inclusive DarkOne, that helped us to find a solution for the problem.

But back to topic. At first we only wanted to help Idlesheep with cleaning the mod from stolen assetts and to back him up.
Because we had no place to go, we build our new home. After a few days there was not only one author working on the mod, it was a team from all over the world!

Since then, __many things changed for us and for the mod. Everyone combined their strength to build this place and to bring you Modern Firearms back!

Our team consists of Idlesheep, author and the mastermind behind Modern Firearms.

SiFrame, our man for communication and word magic. He is the one, who provided you the descriptions in Modern Firearms.

Glissaman, multitalent for testing, tweaking and balancing. He overworked the behavior of the weapons.

WhiskeyRiver2, our little pitbull. Tester, Tweaker and much more.
“Read the F.A.Q!!!”

Jenda001, Tester and Ideagiver. Always backing the rest of us up.

Nofsdad, Tester and our all backup. His help keeps us from jumping from a cliff sometimes.

Our newest member is SaafRats. Not much time, but he helps us with meshes and textures.

Last but not least myself, Dark Heart. I help with textures and the technical Administrator of the team.

We hope, that someday Whiteshades will return to our Team. Without her, there would be no Modern Firearms in the first place.

Thanks to everyone who backed us up Modern Firearms still exists and our Team was founded.

Have fun with a bigger gun

Dark Heart