Month: October 2020

Version 2.6.5

  • Complete rebuild of the SPAS-12 shotgun, including both semi-auto and pump-action receivers, with fire-mode script integration.
  • Rebuild of all other tube-fed shotguns, including re-animation for the pump-actions, with support for the new Bullet-Counted Reload framework. Just a note, any magazine that holds more than 5 rounds will require you to reload twice to get the full capacity.
  • Complete rebuild and expansion for the Kriss Vector submachine gun. 100% new assets, proper animations, etc.
  • Replaced the old Leupold DeltaPoint Pro optic with the original DeltaPoint, both for the HAMR/Deltapoint stack and the slide-ride version on handguns. Might need to be re-zeroed on some of the pistols.
  • Replaced the old full-size Uzi with newer assets, also added an integrally-suppressed barrel option.
  • Added the IMI Micro Uzi.
  • Tweaked textures for some optics.
  • Tweaked the lens textures/effects for the Leupold HAMR/DeltaPoint stack and EOTech Vudu.
  • Re-animated all the AR-15/AR-10-pattern rifles, using the animations from the F4NV Service Rifle. Sight alignment is borked across the board, they’ll be re-zeroed in a future update. Unfortunately, that means a total loss of foregrip animations for now, but that function will be returning soon.
  • Re-positioned the Beretta pistols so they actually sit properly in the player’s hand.
  • New assets for the MK23 handgun, including a re-work of its’ optics and laser/light attachments. Normal maps on some of the parts need fixing, otherwise, it should be 100% functional.
  • Slight re-work of the FN Five-seveN, namely scaled up slightly (was a bit too small originally) and the optics now use the included mount instead of just clipping into the top of the slide like they used to.
  • The EOTech 512 and variants have been replaced with an EOTech EXPS-3 and G33 magnifier, so all of those need to be re-zeroed.
  • The old TA11H and TA11F ACOGs have been replaced and renamed. The TA11H is now part of an ACOG/RMR stack, with the TA11F now just a plain TA31 ACOG. The current default reticle is the red crosshair but can be swapped for either a .300 Blackout-calibrated chevron, 5.56-calibrated chevron, horseshoe, or cross in amber, green or red depending on the reticle.
  • Added STI 2011 handgun.
  • Added a new light/laser unit for some handguns, a Viridian C5L. Available as either a dual-use laser/light combo, just the laser or just the light depending on what you want.