Month: January 2020

Version 2.6.3 Final

  • Additions:
  • Replaced our old, crappy Surefire tac-light with a new Surefire M300C
  • Added two new optics – Nightforce ATACR 1/8x LPVO scope, Trijicon MRO red-dot sight.
  • Beretta 92/96-series handguns now run on Fiddler Green’s dedicated Beretta animation set. The exception to that is the 93R, which still uses vanilla Deliverer animations because the new animations also cause issues with our burst-fire script.
  • All Glock handguns now run on ShinyHax’s Glock animation set.
  • Fixes:
  • Finally fixed the “invisible gun” issue with Super Mutants.
  • Initial “let’s see if this actually works” implementation of a fix for the AMD-specific issue of pink-tinted lenses on various optics. Most glass is now slightly blue in tint, though some is more tan/light brown, and the ATACR is actually purple deliberately.
  • Made some minor base-damage tweaks to some of the pistols – in particular, the MK23 is the hardest-hitting .45 ACP pistol we have by a respectable margin, to represent the military-issued load of 185 grain +P ammunition.