Month: December 2019

Version 2.6.3 Initial

  • Added in compact and full-size Glock handguns. INNRs are TBA because I still can’t quite wrap my head around them, and the caliber conversions need tweaking to get round counts dialed in 100%.
  • Added one new handgun optic – Trijicon RMR. Glock 19-exclusive for now, will be added to the other guns in a near-future update.
  • New assets and a truly massive expansion for the MP5, plus re-animation! We now have every single major variant aside from the carbines, plus several new handguards and a full set of wood furniture. Again, INNRs are a massive WIP because there’s a bloody lot of ’em to make. We also have assets for the K variant(s), but until I have time to check if the K-specific animation set we have permission to use is even functional, the K variant has been effectively disabled and can only be obtained via console command. DO NOT REPORT THAT AS A BUG. If you console in a disabled weapon, you should expect it to be broken.
  • New MP5 animations also applied to the H&K UMP, so both guns now have 100% functional burst-fire operation.
  • Re-rigged the MP7 to Hitman’s CBJ-MS animation set.
  • Restored a missing node on the pump-action shotgun receivers, so the shell saddle should show up properly now.
  • Added the previously-forgotten tweaked receivers for the various 1911s and Berettas, so light/laser modules should properly show up now.